Several exhibitors have informed us about letters / e-mails they have received from companies asking them to update their contact information in their data bases.

These companies use our and other trade show’s exhibitors’ lists to get in touch with professionals. We would like to warn you against their offer to update your contact information: by sending back the form you actually subscribe to an advertisement offer for a 3-year period.

These letters / e-mails have been sent so far under two companies’ names: the Uruguayan company International Fairs Directory and the Austrian company Construct Data verlag GMBH for the Fair Guide.

They are using the organizer’s name Vinexpo Bordeaux and Vinexpo in an abusive manner, since one could think that Vinexpo Bordeaux and Vinexpo are at the origin of the documents. This is not at all the case, neither Vinexpo Bordeaux nor Vinexpo have ever provided any exhibitor’s data whatsoever to any of these companies.

We advise you to simply ignore this type of letters, e-mails or calls.

Shall you have already send back the form, and received the first invoice we advise:
  • not to pay
  • to send a recorded delivery letter to break up the contract.

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