21 JUNE 2017


The DIVINE identity of wine, of a BORDEAUX?

12:30 - 14:00


French - English


Galatée Faivre, Founder and Director of ID VIN – Marketing identi-terre, a leading expert on wine identity
Bruno Quenioux, Knight of the French Order of Arts and Letters, founder of Philovino, an outstanding wine recruiter
Jifan Li, Founder and Director of FANG WU CULTURE & CREATION, French-Chinese wine tourism programmes

Enhancing the value of a BORDEAUX with a divine connection to its identity:

Mrs Galatée Faivre: Presentation of the link between identity and talent, a description of common issues with under-valuation, a lack of attention to timeless and DIVINE talent. A description of the way identity has been dragged down by poor habits over the last few decades; some simple suggestions for finding a divine connection to the identity of a signature wine, the process of creating a great wine. How to work with this connection, with identity enabling a refocus on its full potential, releasing energy and creativity and offering new options that will work effectively, be coherent.

Mr Bruno Quenioux: Where is wine taking us? What does it bring out of US? How does wine make a connection in US between the HEAVENS and EARTH? Wine has led to intoxication from time immemorial. Where does this light present in wine come from? A supranatural understanding of this issue requires an alchemical approach that takes a look a wine as an individual. From time immemorial, the vine has been a creeper and man shall force it to dwarfism. Humans seek light on the outside and, thus, must find it deep from within over time wherever that real light is. The same holds true for vines as they, however, find the light deep within the core of the earth which it is not really allowed to find on the outside…

Mr Jifan Li: Presentation of the Chinese tradition of refinement and its connection to the divine, a cultural example of calligraphy, and an explanation of the real “storytelling” expectations, connected, DIVINE, when one speaks of Great Wines, of Bordeaux nowadays in China.

A comparative sampling of 2 Bordeaux wines: one with a real, visible, perceivable identity and another, whose identity has been lost.

Discussion, questions.


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